3-D Precision Analysis.
Maximized Performance.
For Anyone, Anywhere.


If you’re looking to skate faster, jump higher, throw harder, hit further or simply improve the quality of your running / walking motion… KinesioX is for Anyone, Anywhere.

KinesioX was established based on the following sequential relationship:

Phase 1. Improved Quality of Movement (KinesioX) 

  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Stability

Phase 2. Improved Quantity Of Movement (Coaches | Trainers | Fitness Professionals) 

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Endurance

Poor quality movement is typically ‘ground zero’ for postural imbalances, limited strength and/or poor energy transfer that manifests as recurrent / chronic injury, unrealized athletic potential & performance plateauing.

Therefore, at KinesioX, we specialize in refining your quality of motion by both identifying & then correcting faulty biomechanical movement patterns commonly found in both sport-specific (baseball throw / skating acceleration etc) & general dynamic activities (jumping / lunging etc).

We first identify faulty movement patterns using specialized 3-D Motion Capture Technology (ZenoLink \ KinetiGait) plus a comprehensive movement assessment that provides us with precise data analytics.

Having diagnosed your current performance status, we can then prescribe you a personalized, evidence-based KinesioX Progressive Movement Program™ to correct these biomechanical faults, that you can also seamlessly integrate into your current strength & conditioning regimen.

Biomechanically…. we always put the horse before the cart.


Cutting Edge 3-D Motion Data Capture Technology            

  • ZenoLink 3-D Sport Specific Motion Analysis
  • ZenoLink 3-D Dynamic Motion Analysis      
  • KinetiGait 3-D Gait Assessment                                                             

Industry Leading Movement Assessment         

  • KinesioX Movement Assessment™  – 40+ biomechanical testing protocal         

Comprehensive Report of Findings (ROF) / Follow-Up Review

  • Data Analytics & Movement Program Recommendations
  • Coaches/Trainers/Fitness Professionals/Healthcare Practitioners can fully access ROF report

Who Can Benefit From Our Services?

  • Anyone who looking is to move better & perform better, regardless of age, skill level and goals
  • Individuals
  • Teams

When you choose ZenoLink 3-D Technology, you’re in good company.

–  More than 17, 000 Tests Processed on more than 5600 Athletes in 17 Countries  –

The KinesioX Advantage


Diagnostic Testing

3-D Sport Specific & Dynamic Motion Data Capture for virtually any movement.

We don’t just measure your throwing speed or maximum vertical jump, we actually breakdown HOW & WHY you do it!

Our specialized technology is non-invasive & portable meaning we can capture YOU performing YOUR sport specific and dynamic motion in your natural environment.

Precision Analytics

By inputting your collected diagnostic data into our proprietary process, we are able to identify your specific strengths, limitations and coordination breakdowns for virtually any sport specific or dynamic movement activity. 

Via our KinesioX Matrix™ process, we develop very specialized and exact programs to optimize ANYONE’S athletic performance, regardless of your sport, age and goals.

Integrated Solutions

Here is where we put words into action for tangible results. To implement ‘Your Roadmap To Success’ (report of findings + recommendations) our clients can access their KinesioX Progressive Movement Program™ and, in some cases, Myofascial Mobility Therapeutics™ to rid yourself of these weak links, build yourself into a better athlete, reduce the risk of injury and unlock your full potential.

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