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ZenoLink 3-D Motion Analysis

ZenoLink is a driving force and leader in the field of Sport Specific Biomechanics, 3-D Motion Data Capture, Precision Analytics and Objective Functional Training Solutions since 1996.    

ZenoLink 3-D is a cutting-edge diagnostic tool used to gather crucial data that is undetectable to the human eye & standard video, to highlight existing biomechanical efficiencies and deficiencies in both sport specific + dynamic movement. Movement deficiencies are direct contributors to minimizing athletic performance and increasing risk to injury.         

From the data, specific and personalized movement programs are developed to improve athlete performance safely and efficiently!


✔ 100% Portable & Non-Invasive – Data collected is in your environment, in your normal clothing or uniform!     

✔ For Individuals & Teams               

✔ Proven success in numerous sports at every level… from the very young to highest level of amateur and professional sports.

When you choose ZenoLink 3-D Technology, you’re in good company.

–  More than 17, 000 Tests Processed on more than 5600 Athletes in 17 Countries  –


KinesioX is very proud to offer our clientele access to KinetiGait, a groundbreaking & interactive 3-D Gait Analysis Technology, which provides real-time feedback to improve your walking and running performance.

Under the guidance of Dr. Reed Ferber (Director of the Running Injury Clinic at the University of Calgary), his team has developed KinetiGait – the world’s first single camera, marker-less 3-D Gait analysis system.

The Intel Depth Camera (akin to self driving car technology) & KinetiGait software, captures your real-time gait strides within an accuracy of 1.5mm. Collected strides are then compiled into one summarized gait cycle, allowing our staff to make objective, evidence based recommendations for the purpose of injury prevention, rehabilitation or improving stride efficiency.

KinesioX Movement Assessment™

Our comprehensive KinesioX Movement Assessment™ consists of a 40+ test screening protocol where we’re able to identify any biomechanical restrictions that affect your quality of movement.

This diagnostic tool allows KinesioX Staff to “zero-in” on the root cause(s) of your movement limitations to best:

  • Minimize current tissue overload
  • Expedite “Return To Play”
  • Maximize current performance
  • Reduce future injury risk

Though we can’t predict every biomechanical challenge facing ourselves, we can be proactive and better prepared by collecting the required raw data and the subsequent insights that our KinesioX Movement Assessment™ provides.

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